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Biodanza with Katarina Biodanza means a "dance of life" and is a way to liberate our potential.
with Katarina Otteni

Through music, movement and mindful encounters, Biodanza invites you into a deep connection with yourself, others and life. We can experience joie de vivre, lightness, liveliness and vitality - alone, as a couple and in a group. Through this joyful, pleasurable experience, our cells change. And that in turn is reflected in our self-esteem, our posture, our zest for life and our confidence in life again. It is not about right or wrong, but about being with what is right now, each in his own individual way. Dance experience is not required. Loose clothes and barefoot dancing is recommended.

Katarina Otteni
is an enthusiastic "life dancer". Full of happiness and gratitude, she accompanies people on their way to themselves, their liveliness and their full potential. In 2008 she completed the four-year Biodanza training in France. Since 1994 she has directed theater, improvisation and creativity seminars, since 1998 courses and workshops in the field of personality development, consciousness and energy work and since 2008 her focus is on Biodanza and individual "joie de vivre coaching". She lives and works in France and Germany.

More information: www.katarina-otteni.de

Drumming and Body Percussion
with Kiran

After a warmup with body percussion and joyful rhythm games, we plunge into the sound of the drums: Loud, playful and funky - sensitive, gentle and earthy pulsating. With a lot of fun, creativity and curiosity, we improvise and play groovy arrangements.

Christoph Kiran Renner
has been teaching people of all ages in drums and creative rhythm work for 25 years. He loves to be a teacher and a musician, to inspire people with the variety and vitality of music.

Authentic Theater
with Indira

In the protected "stage" space we can trust the moment and give ourselves to the Now and to the natural flow of life. Let's play with music and neutral masks which enhance the expression and let the "personal" disappear. Be as you are, here any and all are welcome - even feelings that we do not perceive in our daily life or rather suppress, may be shown here and be experienced. It is a testing ground for intuitive and creative forms of encounter that arise from the moment in a space of silence, innocence and curiosity. To evolve from your spontaneous vitality in contact with others, which are unpredictable and unique.

Please wear loose, light clothing and bring water to drink.

Indira Ute Becker
has been fascinated for over 13 years by Fool, movement, improvisation, clown and playback theater, just the theater, which arises from the moment and free improvisation. She has been teaching for 12 years as a hospital clown in hospitals, mental hospitals and nursing homes. She has lived for eight years in the Open Sky House, where it provides theater regularly.

More information: www.authentic-theater.de

Ink Painting
with Renate Auth and Ursula Meisel

The landscape and flower painting of the ancient Chinese master fascinates me and I try to empathize with it. My favorite technique is the spontaneous XieYi style. Using the fast-flowing ink to put the thought on paper without the possibility of repetition or subsequent correction requires inner peace and concentration on the essentials.

Renate Auth
lived in Asia for several years. In Singapore, she had the first opportunity to take lessons from a Chinese master. In Germany, she continued her education with Lili Yuan, an artist from Shanghai.

with John David

With his characteristic humour and passion, John David expresses timeless wisdom in a simple yet profound way. The meeting is a chance to experience the joy and lightness that comes from simply being present, in the Now. These are qualities that greatly support the creative pursuits of the Open Day, allowing you much more freedom of expression in your creativity. In the meeting anyone is invited to dialogue and have a deeper meeting with John David. Wherever you are in your life situation, he meets you openly and clearly, guiding you to see what is standing in the way of simply being at peace inside yourself.

More information: www.johndavidsatsang.international

Sound Journey

Let yourself be enveloped by the sounds of crystal singing bowls, cymbals, monochord, Sansula, and other instruments. Follow the sound in the stillness of Being, from which everything arises. There, in the silence of your heart, listen to the voice of your Self. The deepest relaxation of your body, mind and soul will come, you will experience serene tranquility and inner peace by meeting with yourself, by becoming one with yourself and life, with the Divine.

Morning Yoga
with Radha

We will start with relaxation, you are invited to let go of your everyday life and be here and now. Breathing exercises will cleanse and empower your body, fill it up with Prana (subtle life energy) and calm the mind. The sun salutations, Surya Namaskar, are a sequence of Asanas (Yoga exercises), fitting to the rhythm of breath and will be the active part of this session. They help warming up and stimulating the body, mind and spirit. The following Asanas will stretch and empower the body in a gentle way. Our focus will be on awareness and building up body consciousness. At the end, deep relaxation will lead you into silence and balance the stimulated energies in your body.

I discovered my love for Yoga during an ayurvedic retreat in Sri Lanka. I experienced the soothing effect of Yoga on the body, mind and spirit. I could ease the pain in my back and resolve tensions in my body through Yoga. All my life I was into sports, but Yoga finally taught me to consciously feel my body and be aware of my needs and borders.
Yoga brought me back on the right track - the path to my true self. It's like coming home - A space to retreat and calm down, a space that gives me new power. It's my passion to share my experience. Radha is living since two years in the Open Sky House where she is giving regularly Yoga classes in the morning.

Tour through the current exhibition
of the FlowFineArt Gallery
with gallery manager Tara

Art has always played an important role in the Community. Our FlowFineArt Gallery regularly exhibits high-quality, inspiring Painting, Sculpture, and Photography, chosen to come from professional artists, who create from their inner silence. This tour through the exhibition approaches the art from the present moment of seeing and from the heart.

More information: www.flowfineart.com


The Pointless Joy of Freedom- Afterwards a talk with John David and residents of the Community

This new film gives an insight into the life and work of the English spiritual teacher John David, into the workings of his multi-faceted approach to freedom and the way he works with residents who live with him in the Open Sky House Communities. It takes the viewer on a journey through the spiritual world, beginning with curiosity about oneself to understanding what true freedom is.

More information: www.openskypress.com

Saturday Evening Concert

14 Years Open Sky House Celebration - Mantra Concert
with the Open Sky Band

Join the deep and touching energy, singing powerful Indian mantras from the heart, opening your whole energy system. The Open Sky Band is well-known for its passionate and deep mantra singing, creating an energy of open-heartedness and joy, and inviting you to let go and dive in. Having travelled and played every year in India for many years, the band embodies a sense of profound spirituality, and timelessness, which comes across effortlessly through their playing and singing.

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