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Singing Workshop
with Nadia Maria

The voice is the most direct expression of ourselves. It is a seismograph of our inner movement and sensory world. Singing we can harmonize ourselves, express our own impulses and bring the inner movement and outer form into harmony, thus experiencing a deep connection with ourselves and with the others. In the workshop, we playfully approach our voice, the movement and our sound experience. In doing so, we explore our attitude, our ways of perception and forms of communication. We play with rhythmic and vocal improvisation forms, sing simple songs and circle songs. Anyone who wants to join in can join in the event.

Nadia Maria
Born in Cologne in 1964, grown up in Tehran / Iran (1969-1974). Studied popular music at the Musikhochschule Köln, graduated in 1993. Since then freelance as a singer and vocal pedagogue, lecturer. Performances in various formations among others: Jazzfestival Burghausen, Rheingau Music Festival, Next Generation Festival Cologne, Jazzfestival Moers. Various CD releases. 2005 solo debut with the album "Talk".


Drumming and Bodypercussion
with Kiran

After a warm-up with body percussion and energizing rhythmic ice breakers, we go for the drums: loud, pleasurable and crazy-sparkly, to sensitive, gentle and earthy pulsing. With lots of fun, creativity and playful curiosity we improvise and enjouy playing easy arrangements.


Kiran Christoph Renner
For 25 years, he has been teaching people of all ages in drumming and creative rhythm work. As a teacher and musician, he loves to enthuse people about the variety and vitality of music.

Authentic Theater
with Indira

In the protected space "stage" we can trust the moment and indulge in the now and the natural flow of life. We play with music and neutral masks that reinforce the expression and make the "person" disappear. Be as you are, everyone is welcome here - even feelings that we do not perceive in our everyday lives or prefer to suppress, may show up and be experienced here. An experimental field for intuitive and creative forms of encounter that come from the moment, from a space of silence, innocence and curiosity. From your spontaneous liveliness in contact with other develope plays that are unpredictable and unique.

Please wear loose, airy clothes and bring water to drink.


Indira Ute Becker
For more than 20 years fascinated by the Fool, movement, improvisation, clown and PlayBack theater, just the theater, which arises from the moment and the free improvisation. Teaching for 15 years and traveling as a clinic clown in hospitals, psychiatric homes and nursing homes. She has been living in the Open Sky House for ten years, where she regularly offers theater.

More Information: www.authentic-theater.de

Painting - Color Frenzy
with Fancher Brinkmann

In this workshop, we go into a color frenzy. Through experimental work such as filling, scratching, rubbing and spraying, living structures and multi-layered images are created. The course is suitable for anyone who likes color, both beginners and advanced.

Fancher Brinkmann
Fancher Brinkmann's intensive oil paintings are all about their colors, because colors provoke sensations in every human being, consciously or unconsciously. Like nature, her paintings appear soft to dynamic or overwhelming. They are always balanced and a harmonious whole. The American, who has worked as an architect, lives and works since 1980 as an artist in Munich. She has many exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. In addition, she participates with her pictures in many art fairs at home and abroad.

Sound Journey

Let yourself be surrounded by the sounds of crystal singing bowls, cymbals, monochord, sansula, drums and other instruments. Follow the sound into the stillness of being, from which everything arises. There, in the silence of your heart, listen to the voice of your self. Deepest relaxation, for the body, mind and soul, you will experience calmness and inner peace through the encounter with yourself, through becoming one with yourself and life, with the divine.


Magical Oriental Dance
with Tara

A Bellydance Journey into a World of Fantasy full of Sensuality and Magic. This Sacral Dance connects Heaven and Earth, Human and Divine.


Jam Opener: Etienne Eben

The Cameroonian singer-songwriter, actor and martial artist Etienne EBEN plays Afro-Pop, Funk and Soul in different formations. His lyrics are in French, English, German and Bulu (local language from South Cameroon). In the Open Sky House he plays together with his percussionist Neil Atango softer sounds and also plays well-known cover ballads.


Yoga in the Morning
with Radha

The initial relaxation invites you to let go of everyday life and to come in the here and now. Breathing exercises purify, strengthen and supply your body with Prana (subtle life energy) and soothe the mind. Surya Namaskar, the Sun Prayer is a dynamic sequence of asanas (yoga exercises), which blend into each other in the breathing rhythm. It serves to warm up and has an vitalizing effect on body, mind and soul. The following asanas dilate and strengthen the body in a gentle way. The focus is on the mindfulness and training of the body consciousness. The deep relaxation leads you into silence and harmonizes the energies stimulated in the body.


Through an Ayurveda cure on Sri Lanka I discovered my love for Yoga. I was able to experience how Yoga has a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul. With Yoga I was able to relieve my back pain and tension. I have been doing sports all my life, only through Yoga have I learned to consciously feel my body, to perceive needs, but also limits.
Yoga has brought me back on the right path - the path to myself. For me it is like coming home - a place of retreat and a haven of peace that gives me strength. It is important to me to be able to pass on my experience. Radha has been living in the Open Sky House for five years, where she regularly offers Yoga in the morning.

with John David

With his characteristic humour and passion, John David expresses timeless wisdom in a simple yet profound way. The meeting is a chance to experience the joy and lightness that comes from simply being present in every moment. These are qualities that beautifully support the creative activities on the Open Day and allow much more freedom in expressing your creativity. In the meeting with John David everyone is invited to talk to him and have a deeper encounter with him. He meets you openly and clearly wherever you are in your life and helps you to recognize what is in the way to simply live in inner peace.

More Information: www.johndavidsatsang.international

Tour through the current exhibition
of the gallery FlowFineArt
with gallery manger Tara

Art has always played an important role in the community. Our FlowFineArt gallery regularly exhibits high quality, inspiring painting, sculpture and photography, with selected professional artists creating from their own inner silence. This tour of the exhibition approaches art from the present moment of seeing and from the heart.

More Information: www.flowfineart.com

Our New Film

Pointless Joy of Freedom - afterwards talk with John David and members of the community

This film takes the viewer on a journey through the spiritual world, from curiosity about oneself to understanding what true freedom is. It gives an insight into the life and work of the English spiritual teacher John David, his multi-faceted approach to freedom and how he works with the people who live with him in the Open Sky House communities.




More Information: www.openskypress.com

Saturday Night Concert

15 years Open Sky House - Mantra Concert
with the Open Sky Band and friends

Mantras are sacred and healing sounds, syllables, words or phrases that have been recited or sung for thousands of years. Their great spiritual power is difficult to grasp with the mind, but we can experience it directly while singing.

Inspired by their trips to India, the Open Sky band creates an atmosphere of great joy for life during their concerts. Her music directly from the heart is expressed both by touching softness as well as intensive rhythms. The mantras lead deep into the inner silence and at the same time awaken the vital energy to the dance. The Open Sky Band performs regularly in spiritual centers in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in India. Everyone is welcome, singing experience is not required.


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